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Qualification Summary:

1. Is there anyone else associated with your name being slandered online? Either company, friend, or even a family member that you are aware of?
2. Has social media been effecting your reputation at school?
3. Have you been bullied at school and caused you major stress?  Which school, What country and City?
4. What sites are you aware of that have the bad press at present? Please provide all domains and associate websites.
5.  How many years has this been effecting you personally? 
6.  How many years has this been effecting you at work? 
7.   Is this for personal related issues?
8.   Is this for business related issues?
9.   Is this for both personal and business?
10. What is your profession?
11. How many years has this been effecting your life? 
12. How long has the negative press been online for that you are aware of?
13. When was the latest bad press released online?  Date:____________________________________.
14. How often does the bad press occur?
15. What country are you from?
16. In what language is the bad press in?
17. Is there sexy or sexual images you wish to hide online.
18. Have you made attempt to try to remove the bad press in the past?

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